Gutter Downspout Protector

These strainers were designed by G & E Gutter Company. We have been in the gutter cleaning business for thirty two years and have used this product with great success. We made these strainers because our customers were incurring a lot of expense in dismantling and unstopping downspouts and underground drains. We've installed thousands of our strainers without complaints from our customers. Note the design that allows smaller debris to flow through while keeping out large debris such as pine cones, branches, large acorns, and toys (yes toys, children love to throw their toys on the roof). Other strainers on the market have fine holes that clog and create a dam effect with few leaves against them. Our strainers allow water to go over the top of them and into the downspout, even when debris is piled against them. This is a proven product designed by gutter cleaning professionals!